Aim for financial independence

In stock market, your money goes Grows

Don’t invest your money based on tips, news and random forwards

The confusion

People don't know whom to listen to while deciding the stock to invest in

Their limited choices are:

  • News
  • Whatsapp Forwards
  • Phuphaji
  • Classes ka dost
  • Twitter
  • 20% cut lene wala paid service

Let us tell you whom to listen to, you guessed it right

Listen to US DATA

We have live courses where amongst many things we cover the following:

Telegram Channel

Know the action as it happens, with information posts and videos during live market


Learn to read charts and patterns

OI Data

Learn how the stock price will move on the basis of OI data in calls and puts


Create various trading rules and strategies to get into a discipline and cut your mistakes and losses


Learn everything via images and videos. More practical, less theory. Learn what you can apply.

Actionable Notes

For all the indicators and topics that you learn, get an actionable set of notes to know exactly what you can and must do.

Are you stuck with the wrong stock and need some help?

Join this channel and maybe we can help you read the data around it