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Our Vision

Our Mission

About Us

Market Dhani is jointly run by Sameer Maradia and Mehul Thakkar.

We were tired of people gambling with their money without understanding the nuances of what they were doing. How long will you make money on dumb luck? It was about time people learn more about stock markets.

At MarketDhani our purpose will always be education. We neither sell indicators nor data. Our Courses are a combination of classes during the live market where you participate and ask questions, off-market learnings, handholding and support. Everything is perfect in hindsight and if only the markets could reward us for the great hindsight!! But the truth has always been about how you respond to the markets in real-time, because the markets and the opportunity do not wait for anyone. But we also understand that some people need more than a class. They need experience. We are there to walk you through a situation you may not have seen before.

Our domain has been always Data Analysis and Teaching and there is a huge difference between working with MarketDhani and Others. For one, we are interested in ensuring that you get the education needed to succeed in these markets. And two, we are there with you to ensure that the education we talk about is adapted appropriately to a Live Market Situation and daily. There is a huge gap between what people are taught and what they learn experience-wise. We will help you connect the dots.

The Process

Our coaching process

Our coaching process is a combination of live zoom sessions + mentoring + telegram channel

Live Sessions
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